Casella di testo: I was born in Sicily, in a town called Catania April 1, 1945.
My wife Anna and my children are Mark and Loretta.
After finishing primary school I attended high school and then the faculty of medicine and surgery in Catania, where I graduated in 1971.
Later I specialized in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Pain Management, Nutrition, Acupuncture and medicine in  1974.
From 1974 to 1983 I was an assistant in a hospital and then in 1983 vice-primary, since 1986 director of the Department of Anestesia, from 1 April 2007 are retired from Hospital.
Now I am director of a school of acupuncture and pain therapy and dietetics in Catania.
I participated in over 50 national and international conferences and have published over 100 studies in anesthesia, intensive care, pain therapy, acupuncture, and I used my knowledge of electronics to medicine and their application to radio . 

Casella di testo: #Ugo is DXCC Top Honor Roll with 354 country confirmed.
He started as a SWL in 10 years of age in 1955 and from January 1, 1965 is amateur radio callsign IT9UCS; to date is active on all bands and all modes with the same enthusiasm of the early years.
From 1965 to date has made ​​over 230,000 QSOs 
Casella di testo: DXCC TOP HONOR ROLL MIXED      337/354
DXCC TOP HONOR ROLL SSB            337/344
         DXCC HONOR ROLL CW                     337/352



Casella di testo: Ugo was always active in contest, including several dx contest and dx-pedition. 
After several years, his interest always in dx activity on SSB and CW

 Etna Volcano and  Catania  City

Lachea Island and Cyclops Groupe in Acitrezza 15 Km north of Catania

Casella di testo: La Playa -Near Catania

Etna Volcano  3340 meter high

Etna Volcano on activity

Etna Volcano on activity

Dott. Ugo Senatore
Via Gioacchino Rossini n.3/a
95123 Catania - Italy
Phone : +39 095 515753 - +39 095 516402
Cell. : +39 347 4360215
E-mail :

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I T 9 U C S


SINCE 1955